You're from capilano?? I'm from Pitt meadows!

Hey, Anon! I’m actually from Lower Mainland Vancouver, but I did go to Capilano for the animation program in North Van, yes.

So you are near by, whoever you are! ;)

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I know this is probably one of the worst questions you can ask an artist. So here goes, what would you call your style? If you don't like labelling your work too much, which is understandable, then What artist/s would you say influenced you? I only ask as I've got to do and artist critical study for the illustration side of my graphical design project, and it makes me look good if I can get a quote from the artist themself. Thanks :)

Hey, Leon! I don’t mind the question. Being a difficult question, it’s a good thing you asked who has influenced me to develop my own style. The three that have come up from the top of my head, are Sean Galloway, Kenny Park (who I was fortunate to have had as my design teacher back in school) and Phobs. Sean Galloway, I admire for his smart choices in streamlining complicated factors of a design. I also love the design principles that are always present in his work. Kenny, I admire for the same reasons and he is very structured and solid in his work. Also very efficient and thoughtful. Phobs, I love his use of detail and storytelling. Also his use of traditional mediums. And with a style that is, not necessarily realistic, but less… cartoonish? he is able to create art full of design principles and expression. And so with all of these things taken into mind, I have developed my own style…. and is still working on it! And so, I hope I answered your question or have said something useful! Feel free to send me any more questions if you have any. :)

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Some time last year, I got the opportunity to have a photoshoot with the lovely Shimona Henry. I haven’t posted drawings on Tumblr for a while but I wanted to share these. :) (More fillers as everyone waits for the drawings.. lol!)

Model: Me (Rollingstarr)
MUA & Hair: Stela Licina 
Photographer: Shimona Henry
Dress: Voodoo Vixen Lovely in Lace Dress in Green
Shoes: Ellie Shoes Bettie Page Kitten heels in Black

Hello Katherine, my name is Roy, i'm a 17 year old boy and ik come from the Netherlands. I came acros your frosted cocoa blog the other day I liked it a lot, it's really good. You seemed like an interesting person and when I saw a post from last year that you would be willing to talk to followers.I thought it could be interisting, but it was a post from almost a year ago. So what I want to ask you now is if you're still willing to talk to random strangers from tumblr? yours faithfully. Roy.

Hello, Roy! First of all, thank you for leaving me a message and thank you for visiting both blogs. I’m willing to talk to “strangers” on Tumblr as long as they seem like respectable, nice people—especially those who have/are following me. After all, the support comes from my followers and anyone who takes the time to look at my stuff! So if I can, I will put a little bit of my time to give that attention back to those who reach out to me. And with regards to that, thank you, Roy, for dropping a message by and giving me your support! Hope you stick around, and I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the content so far.

This goes for anyone! Even if I may seem “dead” on Tumblr or wherever else (i.e.: Deviantart), you can still reach out to me and I’ll (eventually) get back to you. :)!



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Not Dead!

Sorry to everyone out there! Definitely behind on projects and the usual sketch. I have not been on Tumblr for ages.. actually. Hopefully soon I’ll be back to the usual! (But it looks like it’s going to be busy for a long while).

If for some reason any of you guys are Lindy Hoppers out there, you might bump into me at RCMA this weekend. But if you aren’t and want to try out some swing dancing (and is in Vancouver, BC) there’s the usual Thursday  RCS dance at St Mike’s tomorrow. Then there’s Hot Club Swing with a drop-in lesson next Sat..

Other than that… see you guys around!

Also iceskatedancerjack and I still have that RotG comic shit to do. Rofl.

Kat I tagged a thing for you. its rollingstar, frosted-cocoa, or just KAT. hahah

You heard that, folks! If you’re looking for my posts on allthatisslashyandgood, it’ll be under #kat. :) 

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Sometimes the photographer gets caught.

Aside from the boyfriend being the one in the red shirt and green bow tie (which I’m glad I got him—but too bad I didn’t get to see it in “action”) I just had to reblog because I love these pictures! And lindy hop, for that matter.

I’m going to try and make it down to the states this year for Lindy Focus 2014. Gotta practice. Geoff’s ahead of me by almost three years, rofl.

Also thanks for all the photos, lindyface!

Birthday and Christmas drawings I did for people this holiday. Another nice digital art break.

Happy New Years, guys! :)

Since the boyfriend is away for Lindy Focus (a swing dance event held in Asheville, NC) I felt like drawing things we did last week.

And, yes, he is tall. 6’6”. And I’m jut 5’3”. Eep.

Also if anyone wants to know where I got any of my clothing in these drawings, feel free to send me a message. :) Hope everyone is having a good holiday!

your art makes me happy and giddy and gives me motivation to draw

Well, you telling that makes me happy! :) Go draw—I’m glad that I’ve given you some motivation! <3

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Hey! I actually found my way here via your Trek blog, but I just wanted to drop in and let you know that your art is GORGEOUS, I'm still mooning over it, and I think it's really unfortunate that your Trek stuff has gone largely unappreciated on Tumblr. You deserved so much recognition and you didn't get it, but thank you for sharing it nonetheless; it's MADE MY DAY to discover it. Really, thank you so much. :D

Hey, there, ellie-etendue. First of all, THANK YOU. :) I always appreciate people who have taken a bit of their time to come and visit this blog. :) I’m really glad that you have enjoyed my art! There’s one thing I felt like I’ve done right, lol. Thanks again for stopping by. Hopefully you’ll be around here and there!

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Christmas art trade for rollingstarr! These are her original characters. Check her out, she’s a very talented person.

Hey, Kaitlyn! Thank you for always being so awesome. I still can’t believe you drew all my characters! :)

Hope you’ll have a good Christmas yourself!


Because I watched Frozen today. I think I actually liked Hans&#8230; too?

Because I watched Frozen today. I think I actually liked Hans… too?

Digital art break.

I can't speak english, but I know your art works very very very very very very veeeeeeeery beautiful, wonderful and lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, your English is just fine! :) Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog.

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